Zoe Travers


radio reporter

music journalist


Sometimes I guest-post for the Plaza District and chat about all the cool stuff going on at OkSessions. Check it out.

I recently won an Associated Press award for my radio reporting. Check out the list of winners here!

I was a part of an NPR radio bootcamp and produced a story with NPR's Doug Mitchell and Celeste Headlee. 

In 2017, I was hired part-time as a radio reporter for NPR member station KOSU Radio. 

I was a part of the Smokewood Institute for Young Writers, an amazing camp for creative writers. 



All episodes of Everything Under the Stars, our student showcase TV show, are up on Youtube!

music reporting

I am currently working for OkSessions, a music and media startup dedicated to building live music culture in Oklahoma. I publish new articles every week about local music. The idea of growing the local music scene and letting everyone know about all the amazing things happening here is something that's extremely important to me.

I've interviewed musicians such as John Calvin Abney and music professionals like the Tower Theatre's Chad Whitehead about their work, among many other incredible people in the industry. 


For a year, I worked for local NPR member station KOSU as a radio reporter. This experience was incredibly rewarding, and I am so thankful for this opportunity in my career. I was involved in a project called Next Generation Radio, in which I worked with fellow budding radio reporters, which was an amazing experience.

My work has been featured on-air during NPR programs such as Morning Edition and StateImpact. Much of my work has been about environmental reporting in OKC, but I've also worked on projects about domestic violence, local politics, sports, and much more. 


I have written for student newspapers since I was 16, and I've published weekly content for my college newspaper for several years. I have covered such events as naming a new university president, covering a student election, students responding to discrimination on campus, among others.